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Speedo Says...

Want to turbo charge your fitness? Hit the pool

Want to get fitter, mix up your training and avoid the dreaded plateau? It’s time to hit the pool and Get Speedo Fit.

Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist or just love throwing heavy weights around in the gym, it makes sense to mix up your workout regularly to re-energise motivation levels and kick stale training plans into touch.

Enter swimming. A great addition to any sport, swimming allows you rest actively, achieve a challenging full-body workout, improve your fitness, burn calories and recover quicker from injury.

So isn’t it time you got Speedo Fit?

Check out these reasons to make swimming part of your fitness training schedule, and then hit the pool, pronto.

It’s a versatile, full-body workout Cardiovascular endurance? Tick. High intensity interval training? Tick. Muscular strength? Tick. Make no mistake, swimming is one of the most effective full body workouts there is, allowing you to improve your cardio fitness, strength and lung capacity – all in one go. A seriously versatile sport, it’s a great way to mix up your training and avoid boredom. Just choose a swimming drill to suit your goals – whether you want to burn calories, improve upper body strength, get seriously fit, or even work on your core strength.

It makes you strong – without adding bulk Considering water offers 44 times more resistance than air, it’s easy to see how powering through the water tones and strengthen muscles. Add swim training aids such as pullbuoys and hand paddles to your training and you can really go to work on your muscular endurance, building lean, calorie-chomping muscle. This is ideal for cyclists and runners who need to build strength without gaining bulky, time-zapping muscle mass.

It’s the perfect wet-weather alternative Rain too heavy for your road bike? Don’t fancy a run in the snow? Get your fitness fix in the pool, where the temperature stays cosy all-year-round. Had to miss a hill session because of the weather? Choose a swimming drill or training aid (such as a kickboard) and replicate the focused effort on your legs and lower body from the comfort of the pool.

It improves lung capacity – and, therefore, endurance Mastering an efficient breathing technique during swimming doesn’t just pay dividends in the pool – it’s transferable to other sports, too. By increasing your ability to take in and effectively use oxygen, swimming improves your endurance capacity, so you can work harder (whether you cycle, run, box or lift weights) for longer. Plus, being a high intensity exercise, swimming can help increase your lung volume, a benefit that’s proven to help you live longer and perform better as an athlete. Bonus!

It’s perfect for rest and recovery Because swimming can support up to 90 per cent of the body’s weight in the water, it’s easier on your joints than running or cycling. And, although it provides a full-body workout, swimming can give your ‘regular’ running, cycling and cross-training muscles a break, allowing them chance to rest and repair so you perform better on your run or cycle days.

Found yourself injured and frustrated? Depending on the nature of your injury, swimming can offer a solid alternative to speed up your recovery, helping you to maintain cardiovascular fitness levels and muscular endurance while your body heals.

It makes a great warm-down session A universal stress-reliever for all ages and abilities, swimming offers a way to wind-down not just the mind, but the body too. Head to the pool after a tough workout, run or cycle, and let a gentle swim ease your joints, stretch your muscles and flush out lactic acid, helping you to avoid stiffness and sore muscles the next day.

So, are you ready to Get Speedo Fit? We’ve got all the help and advice you need to hit the pool and crank your fitness up a notch. Swim Coach is now available, with over 200 swim based fitness plans designed by Speedo experts to you get the most out of your swim sessions.