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Our swim training aids are a great way to maximise your water workout, and push yourself that little bit further.

Swim stronger with Training Aids

Whether you're building strength in the arms or legs, working on technique or simply want to move faster through the water, our Training Aids are designed to maximise your workout, making you work harder.

Tech Paddles

Improve your arm strength and swim technique with our hand-held tech paddles.  

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Centre Snorkel

Improve your body alignment and head position with a Centre Snorkel, without worrying about your breathing. 

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Elite Kickboard

Using a Kickboard keeps your hands out of the water, so you focus on your lower body's strength and kick technique.  

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Biofuse Fitness Fins

Designed to improve your lower body's fitness, leg strength and flexibility, our Fins will also maximise your speed in the water.

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Elite Pullbuoy

Using a Pullbuoy raises your hips to the right body position, so can improve swim technique and speed.

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