Happy International Women’s Day

This year we want to showcase some of these women in appreciation for how their actions have paved the way for positive change.

Swimming, Amongst Other Life Challenges, Has Made Me the Woman I am Today

Hi, I’m Tatjana Schoenmaker – South African breaststroke swimmer.

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I’ve been swimming for almost 21 years, which is about more than 3/4 of my life. Crazy right? But it wasn’t all that hectic.

I started at the age of 5 with just the basic water safety. That then later moved into stroke correction that lead to me competing for the first time at the age of 8. Surprisingly I won the 25m fly – which is now probably one of my worst strokes. At the age of 15 my family and I decided that it was time to take it a bit more serious, so I joined a high-performance sport school.

Unfortunately, that also meant I had to board – which was tough because I am a family person and seeing my parents once a week for less than 24 hours was an adjustment. I do however believe that things happen for a reason and that was a time in my life where my character was challenged but also were it grew the most.

I am definitely a better person because of it and it has made me the woman I am today. A woman that is independent, discipled, motivated and finds joy in the midst of all life’s curveballs. So I am grateful for what swimming has done in my life and I can say those times are the highlights of my career.
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Every day may not be good… but there is good in every day. We face many challenges daily whether it be something personal or something we have to face as a whole. Know that you are always able to get through it. We fall, we learn and we grow.




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