Swim United: Remi’s story

“There’s so much power in Black people not being afraid of water.”

2022-04-20 14:44:50 By Speedo


Swim United: Cathy’s Story

“I can hold my children, I can jump up and down holding them, and that feels great.”

2022-04-06 12:00:23By Speedo

Father and child look happy in the water


Swim United: Niran’s Story

“When I'm in the water with my child, I feel joy. It's definitely a bonding moment.”

2022-04-01 14:30:39By Speedo

Man in Speedo swimwear wades into the water in Speedo gear


Rory Southworth - Penguin Ninja Swim Challenge

Bring on the summer season of run swims and skins swimming!

2022-03-30 09:00:51 By Speedo