Black Girl Fest (BGF) Swim Stories

Get to know Nicole and Rochelle from Black Girl Fest, including what swimming means to them, how they look after their hair and skin post-swim, and how they want to see more black women in the pool.

2022-07-18 14:26:00By Speedo


Shaz Fit's Swim Journey: Swim United

Shaz Fit discusses her swim journey, talking about the barriers she has overcome, why she wants to inspire people to learn to swim or find their confidence in the pool again, and how appropriate swimwear has enabled her to enjoy swimming.

2022-07-11 07:44:26By Speedo


Michael Gunning: Pride Month

Celebrating inclusion throughout our community this Pride Month - learn Michael's story to see representation in the sport here

2022-06-28 07:43:24 By Speedo