Speedo's Responsibility

At Speedo, we’re committed to making the world a safer place. From the materials we use and how we make our products sustainable, to their journey from our factories to you, and how they’re recycled, we’re constantly improving our entire manufacturing process. By pooling our resources to reduce the environmental footprint of our products, we drive positive change where it matters the most.

Swim Generation is Speedo’s worldwide social purpose programme designed to raise awareness about water safety and drowning prevention., transcript available

Swim Generation is Speedo’s worldwide social purpose programme designed to raise awareness about water safety and drowning prevention.

We love to swim, we live to swim, and we believe everyone, everywhere has the right to swim. But not enough people understand the dangers of water and the importance of staying safe. A catalyst for change, Swim Generation marks the launch of a movement that will span future generations, while delivering a powerful message about drowning prevention. 

The Environment

We care a lot about the environment. Discover how we're kind to the environment, and the steps we're taking to reduce the impact our products have on natural resources. 

Our Products

We’re committed to limiting the impact our products have on the environment. Whether you swim for fun, fitness or victory, everyone has the right to enjoy an active lifestyle. Because we have equal respect for the environment, Speedo understands the demand for launching eco-friendly products. 

Ethical Trade

From working hours to fair wages, we take the welfare of our suppliers’ employees seriously. We source Speedo products from suppliers around the world who employ thousands of people. We recognise the complex ethical issues within the apparel and footwear manufacturing supply chain, and we're working to better understand these issues every day. 

How We Do Business

Pentland Business Standards Policy 

Our efforts by Pentland Business Standards Polices.

Restricted Substances List 

Pentland Brands Ltd requires that its products are manufactured with regard for the safety of consumers and factory workers, and with consideration for the wider environment. This Restricted Substances List (RSL) provides details of chemicals and other potentially harmful substances that are restricted by Pentland, and allowable chemical limits for products placed on the market. 

Download Pentland Business Standard Policy Download Restricted Substances List