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The next evolution of Fastskin – 90 years of innovation in the making

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When the athlete hits the water, the outcome of the race is down to them. Their dedication, their stamina and the years of training they’ve put in are brutally tested within just a few minutes. Those moments are the most important of their lives, and can determine the course of the years to come. Those moments are as important to us as they are to the athletes, which is why we strive to help swimmers reach their full potential in the water by creating the fastest and most durable swimwear in the world.

We know that faster is always possible, which is why pushing the boundaries of swimwear innovation is in our DNA. For almost a century, we’ve been at the forefront of performance swimwear innovation, represented around the world by the top performing athletes who make up Team Speedo. Our obsession with going faster has helped countless competitors reach their full potential in the water, achieving more Olympic medals and shattering more world records than any other brand.

Our Fastskin range was revolutionary right from the beginning. When it was first launched, the original inventor was shortlisted for European Inventor of the Year, signalling that these suits were something special. Since then, Fastskin has travelled across the globe and topped more podiums and been worn by more medal-winning Olympians than any other suit.

We are now beyond proud to unveil the latest, and most cutting-edge race suits we’ve ever created: the Fastskin LZR Pure Intent 2.0 and LZR Pure Valor 2.0. They are the next evolution of our most iconic suits in the Fastskin range, and their development has been about progress and incorporating pioneering technology that has never been used in swimwear before.

Image of swimmer wearing Speedo's Fastskin swimwear range

Caeleb Dressel (USA) “Speedo, you somehow made the best a little bit better. I feel fast wearing it! When I stand on the blocks, I’m feeling confident that the suit is going to help me. It’s my own little Speedo rocket suit!”

To stay on top of our game and keep our legacy intact, we carry out research with swimmers and trainers at every level – including beginners, athletes, clubs and coaches – to ensure we are producing the very best technology for swimmers with the features they really need. With our in-house global research and development facility constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of technical innovation in the Speedo Aqualab (which we opened in 2008), we knew that the best suits could be better, and were determined to find a way to take Fastskin to a whole new level.

The technology was developed in collaboration with Lamoral®️ whose original coatings were developed to be used in the harshest environment of all – space. We’ve worked in close collaboration with Lamoral’s® team of world-leading experts to create a bespoke coating that provides the ultimate performance in swimsuits and delivers optimal water repellency to provide a feeling of weightlessness in the pool.

Image of swimmer underwater

Adam Peaty (GBR) “Having the perfect suit definitely gives me the confidence knowing I’m diving into the pool with the latest on offer technically. The new Fastskin suit looks and feels really fast. I’m delighted with the improvements and excited to wear it in competition.”

The LZR Pure Intent 2.0 is aimed at swimmers who want optimum compression from their race suit. It is the first swimsuit to use a smart fusion of three fabrics, resulting in additional compression to help swimmers feel powerful, flexible and fast.

Emma McKeon (AUS) “The Fastskin LZR Intent is very flexible and is firm in the right spots. I feel like I can really move, and it seems like the water is not sticking to the suit, it really glides off. This is the best racing suit in the world, it feels fast and I can’t wait to wear it.”

The LZR Pure Valor 2.0 is designed for swimmers who like to feel lighter in the water. It is Speedo’s most lightweight technical swimsuit and features moderate compression along with bonded seams.

Our mission was to make the best even better and evolving as we discovered new technology that could deliver that extra edge. This approach means athletes can continue enjoying the familiar feel of their current suits to give them the confidence in the suits’ ability and durability as they head into a pivotal year, whilst also benefiting from the gains delivered by the improvements we’ve made.

The suits will be worn in Paris 2024 by the fastest swimmers on the planet represented by Team Speedo. Take a look at the suits that will soon be making history.



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