4 Easy Ways To Care For Your Swimming Goggles

A man wearing Speedo goggles in water

Avoid foggy or scratched goggles with this expert advice on choosing the right size, caring for the coating of lenses and storing them safely.

A woman holding a number of Speedo goggles on her arm

How to look after your goggles for a clearer swim:

How can you take care of your goggles? They are key to a great swim workout and are worth looking after. First up, make sure your pair isn’t too large for your face otherwise water will leak inside, causing damage over time. It’s also important not to scratch or rub away the anti-fog coating – wash your goggles in lukewarm water after each swim and store them in a protective pouch.

1. Choose the right size and fit

Goggles come in all shapes and sizes. Choose the one that is right for your swim style. Shorter length swims at speed require a different fit than open water swims or distance training. For example, our new Biofuse flexiseal range is packed with technology and perfect for a fitness swimmer.

To check fit, gently hold the goggles to your eyes without the strap. If you can feel a slight suction and a comfortable, even pressure around the eyes, you’ve found the pair for you.

2. Protect the anti-fog coating

Ever find yourself a little misty-eyed? Goggles fog up when warm, wet air condenses on the lenses. The good news is all Speedo goggles are made with an anti-fog coating, which means they’ll remain clearer for longer, providing they are looked after

Always read the instructions for your particular pair as the type of coating and its needs can vary. The general rule of thumb is to keep any touching of the lenses to a minimum.

3. Wash goggles after your swim

Spend a minute cleaning the lenses after every swim. By gently washing them in lukewarm water you can remove any chlorine or harmful chemicals that will shorten their lifespan. Don’t ever use soap or detergent though – these are a natural enemy of the anti-fog coating.

After washing, leave your goggles to air-dry in a flat position. If left wet in your kit bag they’ll most likely grow bacteria and mould.

4. Store them carefully

It’s tempting to chuck all your gear into your bag once ready. But by keeping your goggles in a protective pouch, preferably the one they came in, you’ll help them to avoid scratches. The other thing to consider? Keep goggles out of the sun when you’re not wearing them. Over time UV light can damage the lenses.



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