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Can Caeleb Dressel Break the 20-second Barrier in Speedo “Super-Suit”?

Caleb Dressel

Team Speedo swimmer Caeleb Dressel teamed up with Speedo to see how fast a man can go in the water without any restrictions.

Watch below to see Dressel in the ‘super-suit’ …

Dressel wore the 2008 Speedo LZR Racer Fastskin suit for the swim in a bid to push the boundaries as much as possible and was aiming to become the first man to break the 20-second mark, but proved just how difficult that barrier is to break.

The 2008 suit was made famous at the 2008 Beijing Olympics when it was worn by 94% of swimmers who won a gold medal. However, it was later outlawed in 2010 by the sport’s governing body, with male swimmers prevented from wearing full body suits and forced to revert to the current knee-length ‘jammer’ shorts.

The event also doubled as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Speedo’s Fastskin suits. In the two decades since the launch of the first suit, which was inspired by shark skin, Speedo has continued to lead in the innovation stakes.

Since their launch in 2019, Speedo’s latest Fastskin suits – Valor and Intent – have been worn by 65% of athletes who have broken a world record.



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