Stay Motivated with Team Speedo

Want to keep your motivation mojo? Here are some top tips from the elite swimmers who form Team Speedo.

Set yourself clear objectives

“Every day is a series of choices.  I’ve had enough days to know that I feel my best when I go to practice with clear objectives to improve and work as hard as I can to achieve my goals.”

Ryan Murphy (USA)

Remember your accomplishments

“I think it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. Think of small accomplishments you may have achieved and small things to work on or focus on for that day. Not every day is going to be a good day, and everyone has bad days.”

Kathleen Baker (USA)

Don’t think you’re failing

“Remind yourself that every failure is an opportunity for growth and that as long as you keep going you aren’t failing.”

Siobhan O’Connor (GB)

Be part of a great team

“Teammates, motivate me. When you don’t want to be at the pool, but your teammate is there and they make you laugh. And make it fun, that’s the banter you need to get you through.”

Ellie Simmonds (GB)

Reward yourself after tough training

“At the end of each swim season I like to go on holiday by myself to take some time to reflect and refresh before embarking on the next goal.”

Sophie Pascoe (NZ)



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