Quick Tips: Get Fit And Stay Motivated In The Pool

Swimming is a great way to get fit, lose weight and tone up (a medium-paced swim can burn up to 400 calories in just half an hour) but, for most of us, the same workout on repeat can quickly become boring. The key to enjoying your swimming sessions and staying motivated is variety. So try these simple swimming tweaks and get the most out of your time in the pool.

1. Use a variety of strokes.

Always swim breaststroke? Why not try freestyle or backstroke instead. Trying a new stroke for your lap sets is a great way to add interest. And, as each swimming stroke targets different muscles, your body and fitness will benefit too.

2. Try using training aids to mix up your workout.

If you like to aqua jog, try wearing an aqua belt; it helps to mimic the posture and technique that you use when running on land, but with less impact on your joints. Alternatively, give your legs a great workout by incorporating a kickboard into your swim sessions.

3.Try doing sets rather than simply swimming up and down the black line.

You’ll find that you’re challenging yourself (hello, faster results) and time goes quicker.

4. Try something new

If swimming laps isn’t for you, check out the timetable at your local pool to see what other activities they have on offer. These days there’s a huge variety of classes to choose from, including the likes of aqua Zumba™, aqua aerobics and even water-based circuit sessions!

5. Keep the kids occupied

Struggle to find any time to get to the pool without your children in tow? Why not enrol the kids in swimming lessons; while they’re busy learning vital new skills, you get the time to enjoy your own swim session. Alternatively, take them swimming with you – you’ll get a great workout without even realising it!



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