6 Tips For Getting Back Into Swimming

Can’t wait to get back into the swimming pool now that they’ve reopened? If you’re feeling a little rusty after being out of the pool for several weeks, don’t feel disheartened. Here are our top tips for getting back into swimming…





  1. Take it slowly

    If you’ve been out of the water for a while don’t push your body too hard during your first few swims. Your muscles might not be in the same condition as when you swam before, so you don’t want to risk an injury. Ease yourself back into swimming and take the time to enjoy the feeling of being back in the water. Focus on enjoying your swim and getting your body used to swimming again, before trying to reach any new goals.

  2. Consistency is key

    To get the most from swimming it’s advisable to have a regular swim routine. Try going at least once a week, every week, and you’ll soon feel the benefits. You’ll see quicker improvements in your endurance, breathing and technique. Afterall practice makes perfect!

  3. Try a training plan

    Once your body has adapted to your regular swimming routine, try finding a training plan. Training plans can help to keep you motivated, work towards a specific goal and track progress. A good plan gives focus and direction. Check out for training plans for all different swimming abilities.

  4. Try a new training aid

    Training aids help to maximise your swimming progress, adding resistance and zeroing in on specific parts of your body. They are also a lot of fun to use! If you’re easing yourself back into swimming, fins can be a great addition to your swim kit, as they’ll help you swim faster for longer.

  5. Go with a friend

    This might not be possible in some places just yet, but when it is, swimming is double the fun when you bring a friend! If you have a friend who wants to get back into swimming why not team up with them for a swim session? They’ll encourage you to keep a regular routine and be a great motivator. You can also practise different drills together and share swim tips.

  6. Treat yourself to new swimwear

    Find swimwear that you feel comfortable and confident in. Swimwear that fits correctly stops you getting distracted whilst swimming and limits the drag working against you. You’ll also feel more motivated to go for a swim if you love your new suit!




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