Swimming Goggles: Which Lenses Do I Need?

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Modern swimming goggles come in a variety of lens types, and it can be tricky to decipher which one is right for you. At Speedo we offer a range of goggle lenses suitable for different uses, environments and light conditions. Find out which goggle lens is right for you with this at-a-glance goggle lens guide.

Prescription goggle lens

Goggles that feature a prescription lens work like prescription glasses to correct and support your vision, allowing you to enjoy the same clarity of vision you have wearing your glasses during your swim. Speedo Prescription Goggles come in a range of dioptres, from -1.5 to -8.0.

We also have a ‘build-your-own’ prescription goggle, the Pulse Optical Lens Prescription Goggle Kit (available in 0 to -8.0 dioptres), which allows you to change lenses and cater for any differences in prescription for each eye.

Ideal for: Fitness and Leisure Swimming

Conditions: Speedo prescription goggles come in a variety of lens types for different environments

Try them: Speedo Aquapure Optical Goggle

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Clear goggle Lens

Your standard goggle lens, clear goggles let in the maximum amount of light, providing superb clarity of vision for swimming indoors – especially in low-light conditions. Clear goggles are a great choice for fitness, leisure swimming and competitions. Although they’re suitable for outdoor use and include a UV protective coating, clear lenses don’t reduce brightness or glare.

Ideal for: Fitness, Competition and Leisure Swimming

Conditions: Indoor use; Everyday swimming pools; Low-light and dimly-lit areas

Try them: Speedo Biofuse Goggle

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Polarised goggle lens

Polarised lenses are specifically designed to filter intense glare caused by light reflecting off flat surfaces such as lakes and seas, making them ideal for outdoor swimming and triathlon swimming. They’re just as suitable for overcast days, however, making them a superb choice whatever the weather.

Ideal for: Open Water Swimming and Triathlons

Conditions: All outdoor weather conditions. Bright, indoor pools

Try them: Speedo Biofuse Polarised Goggle

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Mirrored goggle lens

Many competitive swimmers enjoy the psychological advantage they feel mirrored lenses give them in competitions and races, but their primary use is to reflect light away from your eyes and provide a darker view. Mirrored lenses are good for bright days and can be used outside for open water swimming, but polarised lenses are more effective at filtering glare.

Suitable for light, indoor swimming pools, mirrored lenses help reduce brightness, but may be too dark for dimly-lit areas.

Ideal for: Racing, Fitness, Open Water Swimming and Triathlon

Conditions: Sunny conditions. Bright, indoor pools

Try them: Aquapure Mirror Goggle

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Smoke goggle lens

Smoke goggle lenses help reduce brightness by creating a darker view during bright indoor and outdoor swimming conditions. The darker tint is not suitable for low light or dimly-lit environments.

Ideal for: Fitness, Leisure and Competitive Swimming

Conditions: Light and bright indoor pools. Sunny outdoor conditions

Try them: Speedo Fastskin Prime Goggle

Coloured goggle lens

Goggles with colour-tinted lenses such as pink, orange and purple offer a variety of benefits.

Orange lenses heighten contrast in both high and low light conditions.

Ideal for: Leisure and Fitness Swimming.

Conditions: All light conditions. Indoor and outdoor swimming

Pink lenses offer the best contrast against green and blue objects.

Ideal for: Leisure and Fitness Swimming

Conditions: Low light conditions. Indoor and outdoor swimming

Purple lenses reduce glare in bright conditions.

Ideal for: Leisure, Fitness and Open Water Swimming

Conditions: Bright, sunny environments. Indoor and outdoor swimming

Blue lenses are good all-round lens option providing reduced glare in bright conditions.

Ideal for: Leisure, Fitness and Open Water Swimming

Conditions: Bright, sunny environments Indoor and outdoor swimming

Not sure what goggles you need? Our Goggle Selector Tool can help you find the right swimming goggles for you.



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