Speedo Anti-Fog: How We Prevent Steamy Goggles

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Why do my goggles steam up?

Here’s the science: Goggles fog up because warm, wet air, usually created from your body heat, condenses on the cooler-than-air lenses. However, if your goggles feature an anti-fog coating and still steam up, it could be their age. In some cases, with regular usage, goggles can out-live their anti-fog coating, depending on the method used to apply it during manufacture. If yours are fogging up and are old or well-used, it might be time to consider investing in a new pair.

How Speedo anti-fog goggles work

We use two types of anti-fog goggle coatings here at Speedo: anti-fog and anti-fog ultra. These coatings work by making it much harder for condensation to stick to the lenses. On PC lenses (hard lenses that don’t bend at all – often the choice of competitive swimmers – such as those in our IQ Fit range), anti-fog is sprayed on the inside of the lens. Our CP lenses (slightly flexible lenses, designed for comfort, such as those in our Biofuse range), are impregnated, rather than coated, with an anti-fog ultra solution during the manufacturing process. As a result, the anti-fog solution is more durable and will not wear away.

Care for your goggles and preserve the anti-fog coatings

In order to maintain your goggles, avoid scratching or rubbing by keeping them safe in a protective pouch, and remember to clean your lenses after every swim. To remove any chlorine or other harmful chemicals, gently wash them with lukewarm water. Leave the goggles to dry and, in the case of PC lenses (anti-fog coating), try to avoid rubbing the lenses or touching them, as this may start to remove the coating.


4 Easy Ways To Care For Your Swimming Goggles


4 Easy Ways To Care For Your Swimming Goggles

Avoid foggy or scratched lenses with this expert advice on caring for your goggles.

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Other ways to prevent foggy goggles

If you look after your goggles from new, you’ll be able to preserve their anti-fog coating for longer. Always read your goggle instructions to ensure you’re taking the right precautions for your goggle and type of anti-fog coating. Finally, ensure your goggles are fitted correctly to your face and adjusted accordingly; this will help to prevent leakage.

To help you make the right choice when purchasing new goggles, all Speedo goggles feature anti-fog and anti-fog ultra logos.

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