Water Life Saving Service (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian Red Cross team

Water Life Saving Service (Bulgaria)

Speedo joined forces with the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) in 2014 with the aim of reducing water injuries among children and youth in the country and enhancing the safety culture in and around water areas.

The donation of product from Speedo’s programme has supported a number of initiatives over the year’s including;

The ‘BLUE SUMMER’ programme which provides practical training and advice during the summer holidays to reduce the risk of water accident.

The ‘FRIENDS WITH WATER’ programme which is an approved part of the educational programme in elementary schools in Bulgaria.

The ”KEEP AN EYЕ” programme, which targets the parents of young children in infant school. This programme introduces parents to the dangers in and around water and provides tips and advice regarding how to stay safe and keep young children safe around water.

Drowning facts for Bulgaria*:

According to statistics in Bulgaria for the period 2013 – 2016:

63% of drowning is inland unguarded open water

The main reason for drowning in children is leaving them unattended and their not knowing how to take care of their own safety

Project achievements:

Safety: 12,135 more children and 776 adults reached

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*Source: Bulgarian Red Cross



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