Unmissable Tips For Improving Your Swimming Technique

A woman diving into a swimming pool

Going nowhere, fast? Read our 5 sneak tweaks for improving your swimming technique

1. Use a pullbuoy so that you can concentrate on perfecting each arm pull. (Our How to Use a Pullbuoy video provides useful tips to help you get started.)

2. Break down each stroke into separate parts and concentrate on them individually. For example, hand entry, breathing, arm pull, and arm recovery over water.

3. Use paddles when performing backstroke and front crawl and wear them with using just one finger strap. This will help you create the perfect pull – the flatter the paddle stays to your hand, the better your technique.

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4. Try various drills which exaggerate different parts of the stroke, such as ‘chicken wing’ for high elbows, and ‘4-second reach’ to stretch forward on each arm pull.

5. Invest in a swimming lesson – it’s a great way for an expert to identify how you can improve your technique further. Don’t forget, the more you swim, the greater the opportunities to practice and perfect your technique.

Don’t get disheartened if you’re not where you want to be – check out our huge online library of helpful Speedo how-to videos for expert advice, straight from our elite swim coach. Alternatively, enlist a friend to watch you swim and provide feedback on your technique.

Lastly, enjoy the learning process, you’re nearly there! Want more technique tips?

Watch our instructional videos designed to help you improve your breathing, positioning, stroke and kick. They cover all swimming strokes, from freestyle to backstroke.

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