Swimming Holiday Essentials

A family dressed in Speedo's swimming holiday essentials

We all know how exciting the countdown to a sun holiday or a weekend break with friends can be. But then comes the job of packing – and there’s nothing worse than forgetting what you need for a holiday dip in the pool. Thankfully, the experts at Speedo Sculpture have put together a handy holiday essential checklist, so you can wave goodbye to last minute packing panics once and for all.

Beach Bag – The roomier, the better! Invest in a beach bag with a secure pocket for loose change or any valuables you want to keep safe while you swim. View the new range of Speedo swim bags here.

Towel – Most hotels don’t provide beach or pool towels, so pack yours if you intend to take a dip. We’ve got a great range here at Speedo, from large beach towels to small microfibre towels – great for packaging in your hand luggage!

Sunglasses – A must-have for reading in comfort by the pool and on the beach, sunglasses provide eyes with vital protection against harmful UV rays. The high street is awash with a choice of styles, shapes and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair that suits you.

Sun cream – Up there with passports and money in the list of vital holiday essentials, sun protection helps protect you against sunburn and damaging UV rays. As the SPF number only refers to UVB rays (typically ‘burning’ rays), ensure you choose a suncare product that offers broad spectrum protection. This will cover both UVB and UVA rays, proven to contribute to skin ageing and sun cancer. Go for at least SPF 30 for adults and SPF 50 for kids, and apply generously to exposed areas. Don’t forget your hairline, parting, ears and feet!

Hair ties – Like socks, hair elastics have a tendency to disappear, so pack plenty for your holiday. Invaluable in hot weather, they’ll help you beat the heat with a holiday updo and keep your hair off your face during a swim or impromptu beach game.

Sun hat – A stylish addition to your summer wardrobe, a sun hat will help keep you cool and shaded on sunny days, beach visits and day trips, shielding your face from ageing UV rays in the process.

Bon voyage!



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