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Mireia Belmonte swimming in Speedo apparel

Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte began swimming at the age of five and quickly developed a talent for being an all-rounder, with wins in butterfly, medley and freestyle events. A multiple world record holder and Olympic champion, Mireia snatched victory in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games 200m butterfly event to take the gold and Olympic title home to Spain.

Mireia Belmonte

DOB: 10 November 1990

Event: 200m & 400m Individual Medley, 200m Butterfly, 400m & 800m Freestyle

Key Stats:

Olympics: 1 x Gold; 2 x Silver; 1 x Bronze

World Championships: 2 x silver; 1 x Bronze

3 x time Olympian – Beijing 2008, London 2012 & Rio 2016

The first Spanish female Olympic champion in swimming



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