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Find the right swimsuit

Find the perfect
swimsuit for
your figure

Look great. Love swimming.

We’ve looked at the body shapes of over 5,400 women, inspiring us to create the Speedo Sculpture swimsuit range.

Designed for confidence both in and out of the water, the Speedo Sculpture range matches your natural body shape with body-shaping support and flawless design.

Choose your body shape from the available options below, to view our swimsuit recommendations:



An athletic body shape means that your hips and bust are in sync with each other, while your waist is not very defined. You may have a bottom that is more flat or toned than round. Printed and bright, colourful suits are best, to accentuate your feminine flair and show off your physique.



If you match an hourglass figure, your bust and hips would be well balanced, and you’d also have a well-defined waist. Your shoulders align well with the width of your hips, as your waist curves down to meet them. It’s likely that you’ve a rounded or toned behind, resulting in a flattering side and front profile. Your upper body is built in proportion in length to your legs.

If you consider yourself to have an hourglass body type, keeps an eye on our Speedo Sculpture swimsuit styles featuring bold colours, as these will really accentuate your curves.


Pear Shaped

If you identify yourself as having a Pear-Shaped body, your hips will be larger than your bust as your weight will be more focused around your behind and legs, followed by your tummy and upper body. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to show off those curves, and find the swimsuit to highlight your waist and hips. Swimsuits with a colourful or patterned bust are more likely to suit women with a pearshaped figure, as these attract attention to the top.


Inverted Triangle

Should you consider yourself aligning with the Inverted Triangle body type, you are likely to have broader shoulders and a wide back. Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side. Your waist is subtle and you have a tendency to gain weight on your tummy and upper body. Swimsuits with a colourful band or patterned motif around the middle can help to accentuate your waist. Alternatively, patterned or printed swimsuits also work well for this body type, covering areas you might not feel as confident about.

Swimsuits to flatter your body shape