Hydrospin: A New Hybrid of Water Fitness!

A swimming pool

Wonders of Water Fitness

While swimming usually provides a great opportunity for a cardio workout, resistance training is equally beneficial, which is why land-based trends such as Crossfit and TRX have taken off in recent years.

Taking inspiration from such trends, it’s now not unusual to see swimmers using additional aids such as weights, hydro belts, resistance bands, and more, during a workout in the pool. The water adds to these traditionally dry-land exercises, by reducing impact from weight, shifting your centre of gravity, and providing an extra challenge – both to experienced swimmers, but also those hoping to get into fitness and weight-loss in a fun and innovative way.

Many water-based fitness classes and trends to have recently taken over the swimming pool, and the reasons behind their popularity are clear to anyone who tries out a water fitness class. While water fitness class styles can be inspired from various disciplines, what unites them is that they combine other exercise with the power of water.

Hydrospin: Best of Both Worlds

Many people are aware of the all-over benefits of swimming, while others can appreciate the health advantages that come from regular cycling and spin classes. Some people might not have heard about cycling in the pool, however, and yet it’s becoming a health & fitness craze that provides a surprisingly brilliant workout!

Hydrospin (or hydrospinning) is a new style of fitness class for the swimming pool, taking the best of a bike spin class, and combining it with aqua-aerobics for an all-round fitness routine. While cycling is great for cardio fitness and leg strength, hydrospin allows the same level of intensity as spin classes, without the same pressure on joints and muscles, thanks to cycling under water. The water provides an improved level of support for the body’s movements on the stationary bike, while the water’s temperature keeps the body in check, so you won’t get as sweaty despite your hard work!



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