Swimming Benefits: 5 Ways To Relax, De-stress And Unwind

Unwind with a nice, relaxing swim

After a day juggling work, kids and bath times, an evening swim provides the perfect opportunity to restore calm and escape from the day’s noise. To wind-down and relieve tension, keep your pace gentle and focus on your breathing. Want to zone out completely from the world? Load up a Speedo Aquabeat music player with chill-out tunes to listen to during your swim.

Perform a digital detox

Phone glued to your hand? Addicted to social media? Experts suggest that being permanently ‘tuned in’ to technology can prevent us from turning our minds off from stress, worries and chatter. The solution: try a digital detox. Address your FOMO (fear of missing out) by weaning yourself off habitual phone checking and banishing all technology (phones, tablets, etc.) from your bedroom.

Struggling? Put your phone in your swim locker and max out on your pool time for the perfect technology-free distraction.

Ditch sugar

When you’re running on adrenaline and feeling burnt-out, sugary snacks can feel like an easy quick-fix. The truth? They wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels, making you feel tried, irritable and anxious.

Instead, reach for snacks with protein and good fats to keep you satisfied – we like sugar-free peanut butter on apple slices, cashew nuts, and avocado on toast. And don’t fall into the low-fat trap – most commercial low-fat products are loaded with sugar. Can’t quit the sweet stuff? Try using agave nectar, a natural, low GI sweetener, instead.

Light a candle

Studies suggest that light plays a large part in regulating our body clock. If you want to create a calming, non-stimulating bedtime routine, wind down by keeping lighting dim and gentle. Candlelight has a soothing effect, so grab the matches. Even better, choose a candle that contains pure essential oils known for their soothing aromatherapy benefits.


Forget the hippy label, meditation has been proven to relieve tension and just ten minutes is enough to makeover your mood.

Try this simple exercise: Sit or lie still, eyes closed, and follow the rise and fall of your own breathing, focusing on your breath to empty your mind of thoughts. If your mind wanders, refocus on your breathing.

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