Swim Training Aids: The Simple Way To Tone Your Body

A man with a toned body

They’re the insider workout accessory that can help you fast-forward to a fitter, more toned body. Introducing training aids – the sure-fire way to turbo-charge your workout, whether you’re an eager beginner or a seasoned swimmer.

Tip: Not a strong swimmer? Make a beeline for our Speedo Aquabelt, Hydrodiscs and Aqua Dumbbells, which can be used in shallower waters.

Tone your upper body with…Aqua Mitts

Designed to make you work a bit harder during your swim, our Speedo Aqua Mitts add resistance to your workout, helping to tone your upper body and arms. A handy size, they’re ideal for packing in your kit bag for whenever you hit the pool.

How to use:

Simply wear the aqua mitts like gloves and swim as normal – you’ll quickly notice the increased water resistance.

Target your bingo wings with… Hydro Discs and Aqua Dumbbells

Ideal for toning up your arms and increasing upper body strength, Hydro Discs and Aqua Dumbbells are designed to be used beneath the water to create resistance. Try using them during aqua jogging to provide an extra challenge as you train.

How to use:

Use the Aqua Dumbbells and Hydro Discs within the water. The underwater resistance provides the workout, so the deeper you use them, the harder your workout will be. Aqua Dumbbells in particular will fight to stay afloat – it’s your effort keeping them underwater that helps tone and strengthen your arms.

Tip: Try pushing your arms out in front of you whilst holding the Aqua Dumbbells under the water. Increase the speed to intensify your workout.

Enjoy a great overall workout with… an Aqua Belt

Winning points for its all-round versatility, the Speedo Aquabelt is a great addition to your body-toning workout. Wear it to help you stay balanced and buoyant during water running and aqua fitness classes, or use it for resistance and endurance training – it’s great for burning calories and for toning up your abs and lower body.

How to use:

Simply wear it around your waist and work against the pressure of the water. The deeper you go into the water, the more difficult it becomes. Use it for aqua jogging in deep water (great for giving your legs a thorough workout) and remove the buoys one by one to make it more challenging.

Tone your legs and bum with… a Kickboard.

Wobbly lower half? A kickboard can help you tone up and strengthen your legs, as it concentrates all the effort on your lower body. Use it to perform kick sets, where you focus on kicking powerfully to propel yourself through the water. Don’t forget to vary your kick style (from freestyle to breaststroke, for example) to really work your leg muscles.

How to use:

Stretch your arms across the board and hold the far end with your fingertips, then use your legs to power you through the water.



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