How to Eat Like a Team Speedo Athlete

Ever wondered how your swimming hero stays fuelled for their gruelling training and racing schedule? We caught up with Team Speedo stars to find out what they eat in a typical day and their favourite snacks!

Duncan Scott

Scottish Swim Star, 3 x World Championship Gold Medallist, 2 x Olympic Silver MedallistDuncan rates his chef skills as 4/10!

“Throughout the year my diet varies. When I’m in training it is in moderation with the intensity and amount that I am swimming that week, but in general my diet is more relaxed. I focus on eating healthy and making sure I’m getting enough calories. However, when I’m racing, I prioritise protein and carbohydrates in my meals to help aid recovery and to provide enough fuel for back-to-back races.”

Typical day when training

Breakfast – Bowl of Frosties


Snack – Banana

Second breakfast – Poached eggs in a toasted bagel

Lunch – Chicken pasta with paprika sauce


Snack – Apple

Dinner – Fish, either salmon or sea bass, with either rice or sweet potato and plenty of vegetables

Pre-Race meal

“Usually the night before I race, I eat mainly pasta. I find it easy to eat but also filling. My go-to breakfast is a bowl of Frosties which I eat at least 3 hours before I race.”

Favourite cheat meals

  • Meal – Aberdeen Angus Steak (Rare) with a peppercorn sauce, hand cut chips and rocket.
  • Snack – LaraBar, chocolate and banana. OR RXBar, chocolate and sea salt.
  • Guilty pleasure – Squashies
  • Pizza topping – Pepperoni
What Does a World-Class Swimmer Eat?


What Does a World-Class Swimmer Eat?

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