Get Back into Swimming: Session 3 – Improve Technique

A workout that uses drills to help you focus on key areas, helping you to improve your overall technique.

Warm Up 150 metres

3 x 50m Mixed

50m front crawl, 50m of any stroke of your choice, 50m breaststroke

Main set 400 metres

4 x 50m Front Crawl

Count your strokes per leg. Try to swim each second length with 1 fewer stroke. Kicking harder on the second
length will help.

2 x 50m Front Crawl

Concentrate on getting the maximum out of each stroke by finishing all the way to your thigh with a strong
tricep extension

2 x 50m Punch Drill

A 25m with your fists clenched, then 25m full front crawl stroke. The Punch Drill is a great way to learn to ‘feel’
the water.

Cool Down 150 metres

3 x 50m mixed

Easy. Your choice of mixed strokes to finish the workout. Slowly bring the high heart rate and heavy breathing down.



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