5 Reasons to Go For a Swim

In England 4.7 million people enjoy the benefits of swimming regularly* – so why not join them? We’ve put together five reasons why you should…

*Swim England ‘Value of Swimming’ 2019 report

  1. Quick but Effective

    30 minutes of swimming is the equivalent of approximately an hour’s non water-based exercise. So swap those trainers for a pair of flippers and get in the pool.

  2. Turn up and Tone Up!

    Swimming works out all muscle groups, so swap those weights for some lengths in the pool. Exercises you can do to tone could be doing some lengths with a float, using only your legs, or only your arms to propel you.

  3. Healthy mind

    1.4 million adults feel swimming has significantly reduced their anxiety or depression*, and in these uncertain times more people than ever may be feeling this way. Swimming is a great way to ‘zone out’ and work through anything that might be bothering you whilst being active.

  4. Getting back to ‘normal’

    A lot of us will have a slightly different work routine at the moment, so you might not be doing your usual lunch time or pre or post work swim session. But why not get back into it? It might give you some normality and feel like you’re getting back to your old routine.

  5. Mix it Up

    Feel like you’ve exhausted all online workout videos? Fed up of bashing into furniture in your living room or bedroom? Why not swap to a swim session and get your workout fix in the pool. You might even get some ‘holiday’ vibes, just imagine you’re in an infinity pool in Mauritius – it’ll work a treat!



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