Eden Elgeti Shares the Speedo Swimwear She Adores as a Transgender Swimmer

Eden Elgeti mid stroke in the pool

When I’m looking to complete some pool based training I always pick up my Placement Medalist Swimsuit. This suit has a good torso length to match my height, a high leg to prevent rubbing even after 5000m, light bust support and a wonderful back allowing movement and has also resulted in many compliments about my shoulders. I love the confidence this suit gives. It hugs me tight, ready to power through the water.

Eden Elgeti getting out of cold lake

Favourite Training Location – London Aquatics Centre, London UK

If heading out to swim outdoors I’ll always pop on my Endurance+ Printed Thinstrap Bikini knowing that I can wear it comfortably under my clothes all day and also be supportive when the time comes to dive in. It’s become a second skin for me over the last year. In winter it’s great to have something I can take off easily when I can’t feel my fingers or toes!

Eden Elgeti getting out of pool in Speedo swimsuit

Favourite Outdoor Location – Rydal Water, Cumbria UK (Various Locations)

Who doesn’t love spending a few hours with friends at a waterpark? I’m no different, I love the anticipation that comes from waiting for your turn at the top of the slide. I’ll always wear something jazzy with bold colours or patterns for these occasions. I like to have a regular rather than a high leg cut in to give me a good range of movement but also a sense of security outside of the water.

Eden Elgeti smiling in pool

Favourite Waterpark – Coral Reef Waterworld, Bracknell UK

I couldn’t not mention my adoration for saunas and hot pools. I’ve spent a lot of time in them over the last few years – to relax, socialise and take time to think about new ideas (just like this one). I love my Bridgette Swimsuit for days like these, not only for its removable padding in the top which I found supportive at the start of my transition but for the adjustable straps so that I can continue to adjust it for my body over the years. This suit also features an inner liner which smooths out the body for times when I feel self conscious being sat out of the water for long periods of time.



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