Saving Lives In Sudan

Dan Graham, co-founder of Nile Swimmers, talks about delivering change in developing communities and, how just five simple tips will help us all stay safe in and around water.

Nile Swimmers work as a team based in both the UK and on the ground, delivering lifesaving skills to communities, in Sudan. A country where drowning rates in some villages are nearly twice as high as those estimated across the rest of Africa.

With a team of five Trustees based in the UK, a volunteer management team of four in Sudan plus approximately 200 volunteer instructors, Nile Swimmers include some of the world’s leading experts on drowning prevention.

“We believe that everyone has the right to safe access to water, everybody should be able to enjoy that water safely and everyone has the right to know how to safely help someone in difficulty.” explains Dan.

Dan continues, “We are really proud of the change Nile Swimmers has made already, and is continuing to make. We have grown from a few people delivering a one off project, into an army of dedicated volunteers and the only drowning prevention organisation in the world that is delivering on-the-ground programmes as a technical partner of UNICEF.”

With 15 years of experience teaching water safety and rescue skills in a variety of environments, Dan tells us his top five tips to ensure we all stay safe in and around the water:

  1. Always supervise children near water and make sure they are no further than an arm’s length away. Everyday items you may not initially perceive as a danger can be a risk for very young children. For example, buckets or even a toilet with the seat lid still up can hold a risk.
  2. If you want to enjoy the water, go with a friend or go to a place with other people around – never swim alone!
  3. Learn how to spot the dangers and never enter water without knowing you can get out safely.
  4. Learn safe ways of how to help someone in difficulty and know the number to call in an emergency.
  5. Always read safety signs and listen to lifeguards.

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