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Speedo Fit Swimming

Push your swimming further

Even the most confident of swimmers need to push themselves from time to time. Here you'll find swim training plans, tips & advice and accessories to push your skills further in the water. On your marks...

Take your swim fitness to the next level

Everyone needs a break from the same old boring routine, and swimming is no different. If your swim skills are already pretty decent, there’s no reason for you to experience a plateau in the water. Discover our swimming plans to see how you can break the barriers and improve your aquatic skills further.

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#Make1kWet Challenge. Ready to take to the pool for a change?

You're used to training for a 5K run or completing a 10k cycle, but is that really enough to push your fitness? What if you were to swap your 5K on the road or 10k on your bike for 1K in the water? Take part in the #Make1KWet Challenge by swimming for a kilometre, and test your results against your running routine!

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Swimming tips

From breathing techniques to how to improve your front crawl and other strokes, we've got a wide range of videos in our swim tips library to keep you on the path to a better, faster and more a efficient swimmer. Sit back, browse and see what you've been missing.

Swimming Technique

Training aids

From leg strengthening to increasing resistance, a training aid can give you that extra boost in the water.

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