Our Commitment To Sustainability

Like many other brands Speedo is on a journey to becoming more sustainable. We know there is more we need to do which is why it is a key focus for our short and long term product development.

Speedo has a dedicated team continually looking at sustainability, not only in the products you use and the packaging they are supplied in, but also how our products are manufactured at our factories, the materials that are used and the working conditions of the people that make them. For example, by switching to LED light bulbs we have managed to reduce our electricity consumption in one factory by 30%. In another we have reviewed our manufacturing process, successfully reducing water consumption by 66%.

Currently in 2019, we feature sustainable materials using a fabric created from ECONYL® yarn and REPET yarn. These are innovative regenerated fibres which turn waste from fishing nets, manufacturing by-products and plastic bottles into first grade nylon fabric.

By 2020 93% of our watershorts will be made from recycled fabrics as part of Speedo's ongoing product commitment to sustainability and the remaining 7% watershorts are produced from a fabric that uses an environmentally friendly method of dying that results in less water, energy and chemicals.

We at Speedo are committed to providing high quality products to our customers and also making our products and packaging much kinder to the environment.

Our New Look Goggles Packaging

You may have noticed that we've changed the packaging our goggles come in; replacing a cardboard box with a plastic case.

We've had a lot of negative feedback that the cardboard packaging was easily damaged both in store and in transit resulting in damaged products. So, we have introduced two new packaging solutions which are recyclable and improve the protection of the product.

  • Our premium goggles are now available in a robust plastic storage case to protect your goggles from scratches and scuffs when they're at the bottom of your swim bag, helping to make them last as long as possible.
  • Our regular goggles have fully recyclable lightweight packaging, which is made from 50% recycled plastic. (We use recycled plastic drinks bottles in this packaging.)

Some people may be questioning why we need packaging for our goggles at all, which is a good question to ask. If our goggles are not protected properly the lenses can become scratched and the seal around the lenses warped and misshapen. This would dramatically affect the fit and even the performance of the goggle.

Now we know what you might be thinking – not more plastic!

The plastic we are using is partly made up of recycled plastic and we are working on getting to 100% recycled plastic. This is because we believe in improving the contribution to the plastic's circular economy - it's better to use the waste plastic that is already here.

One of our aims is to reduce our use of single-use plastics, which is why our new premium packaging can be retained and used as a protective carry case to increase the lifetime of the goggles themselves.

“But what if people don't want to use it as a case and throw it away?” – we hear you.

The plastic storage case for our premium goggles can easily be separated into parts; the bit inside (we call it a fitment, basically the bit your goggles sit on) is the same type of plastic as a yogurt pot and the fitment is partly made from recycled plastics. The solid case is not currently recyclable but we are making a quick change to enable the black part to be recycled. In future, it will be grey which recycling plants can process. Unfortunately we don't have a recycling solution for the clear part of the case, but we are working on it for the future.

The packaging for our regular goggles is made from a higher percentage of recycled plastics and is the same type of plastic as a water bottle, meaning both can be added to your doorstep recycling bins and be recycled.