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Sophie Pascoe’s – How to be a Champion

Sophie poses with NZ flag

The incredible swimmers of Team Speedo have some great advice to give. Today, we caught up with para-swimming superstar Sophie Pascoe, and asked for her best pieces of advice for aspiring swimmers.

Sophie Pascoe is one of New Zealand’s most successful sportspeople ever. Sophie is a multi-Commonwealth, Paralympic and World Championship athlete and has won multiple medals at each of those events.

Here is some of Sophie’s best advice.

  1. Pre-Race Nerves

Lots of swimmers feel those pre-race nerves. To combat hers, Sophie has some rituals.

“I listen to the same some as I walk out for each final. The song is usually picked prior to the meet. I like the idea of the same song hyping me up for each race, and it also becomes my theme song and memory for the event which is great!

I also race in a brand-new suit for every final at a pinnacle event. I tried this out and it made me feel really fresh, fast and strong before diving in.”

  1. Pre-Race Food

Like most athletes, Sophie works with her team to figure out how to fuel for a race. Through trial and error, Sophie has found the best things to eat before she gets into the pool on race day.

“I normally eat toast, cereal or porridge, banana, muffin and a smoothie approximately 2 hours before I start competing to allow my body to digest and fuel me. I will also have a muesli bar about 45 mins before I race. You have to find what works for you.”

Sophie’s Top 5 tips for aspiring athletes

  1. Remember your why.
  2. Enjoy training and have fun.
  3. Listen and learn from your support team.
  4. Dare to dream.
  5. Be on time, committed and organised.

Find out more about Sophie here.



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