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Speedo Fit Yoga

Stretch. Breathe. Swim.

Both yoga and swimming focus the mind and control the way we breathe, while toning our bodies with every activity. Discover the common ground between the water and the yoga studio with our swim training plans with the yoga enthusiast in mind.

Your favourite swim plans

Yogis understand how performance relies on stamina, flexibility and conditioning, all of which can be enhanced in the swimming pool. These swim training plans specially designed for yogis have proved themselves to be popular for yoga fans; see why for yourself.

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Ready for the #Make1KWet Challenge?

You're used to training for a 5K run or completing a 10k cycle, but is that really enough to push your fitness? What if you were to swap your 5K on the road or 10k on your bike for 1K in the water? Take part in the #Make1KWet Challenge by swimming for a kilometre, and test your results against your running routine!

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From maintaining your pose to improving stamina, discover swim fitness for yoga