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Fastskin LZR Racer® X Open Back Kneeskin

Made fast by Speedo. Made faster by you.
£213.00 £355.00
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Product Code : 809752B007-20
Winter Sale - Save 40%

Fastskin LZR Racer® X Open Back Kneeskin

Made fast by Speedo. Made faster by you. Read More
£213.00 £355.00
Product Code : 809752B007-20
Winter Sale - Save 40%
Size : 20
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In Stock today
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Feel unstoppable wearing the Speedo LZR Racer X swimsuit. Worn by Missy Franklin, Olympic gold medalist. Increased targeted compression streamlines the body while Support seams hold you higher in the water, making you feel your fastest.

  • This Speedo swimsuit has been fully approved by FINA
  • Increased compression - A combination of two unique Speedo swimwear fabrics offer horizontal stretch resistance, providing intense targeted muscular compression but still allows excellent freedom of movement through every stroke
  • Body position - Increased linked core stabilizer panels within the swimsuit promote a more hydrodynamic shape and better position in the water
  • Ab activators - Laser-cut panels in the suit’s core liner increase water sensitivity while prompting you to align yourself correctly
  • Support - Maximised Support seams improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awareness
  • Laser cut swimsuit straps - Precision laser incisions control the stretch of the swimsuit's strap, for greater shoulder comfort and fit
  • Open back style - The open back swimwear style offers greater freedom of movement and may be preferred by swimmers with arched backs


Made Faster by You

Developed by swimmers for swimmers, the Speedo Fastskin System brings out the best in swimming potential, creating a more hydrodynamic profile to make you feel your fastest. Improved, high quality finishes, maximised support seams, and all-over compression fabric all work together to work with your body’s shape, improving your swim performance and making you ready for race day.

A combination of two unique fabrics offers horizontal stretch reistance, providing intense muscular compression while still allowing freedom of movement through every stroke. Meanwhile, improved finishes, seams, and components ensure a better fit, while its unique design means you’ll stand out on the blocks.


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