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Speedo Says...

Date 25-05-2017
21 days to better body confidence (and a fitter, happier you)

Make swimming a habit, boost your body confidence and feel healthier and happier in just three weeks.

Make swimming a habit, boost your body confidence and feel healthier and happier in just three weeks.

Body confidence issues begone! It’s time to feel happy in your own skin and motivated to get active. Kick-start making exercise a habit while boosting your body confidence with our 21 Day Swim Plan, inspired by the number of days research suggests it takes to make (or break) a habit.

Ready to give it a go? You’re only three weeks away from a more relaxed, healthier and happier you!

Getting started

Follow the weekly plans and aim to swim 2-3 times a week, for around 30 minutes or more, for best results. But remember – swimming should feel good. If you don’t enjoy a particular stroke, it’s fine to stick with a swimming style you’re comfortable with – especially when you’re just getting back in the pool!

Week 1

Focus – Arms

Feel self-conscious wearing short-sleeved tops or dresses? Swimming is a great way to add tone and definition to your arms.

This week, focus on your front crawl. Cup your hands, with your fingers spread very slightly apart, and pull the water right back towards your hip. This will improve your stroke and help to strengthen and tone your upper arms and shoulders.

Swimsuit pick: The flattering Speedo Sculpture AquaBeam swimsuit includes a beautiful print which draws the eye to the centre of your body, taking the focus away from your arms.

Week one tip

Don’t forget to stretch! With the water supporting your body, it can be easy to forget how hard your muscles are working. Perform some gentle stretches after your swim to prevent aches and pains.

Week 2

Focus – Tummy

Swimming is just the ticket for strengthening and toning your tummy (you might not realise, but an efficient swimming technique requires a strong core). A great cardiovascular workout, swimming also raises your heart rate, burning calories while helping promote fat loss.

This week focus on your breaststroke, which also targets your chest muscles. Engage your core and tighten your tummy muscles to help your body achieve a horizontal position in the water – aim for a long, straight line from head to toe. This will help you master an efficient swimming position – with the bonus of honing your abs in the process.

Swimsuit pick: Flatter your shape and make the most of your curves with the Speedo Sculpture AuraGleam suit, which includes a ‘wrap around’ print design to visually slim your waist.

Week two tip

Ensure you’re eating enough to sustain your energy levels during your swim, and don’t forget to refuel afterwards. Always bring a drink to the pool and remember to keep topping up your fluids to prevent dehydration.

Week 3

Focus – Legs and Bum

Want to feel confident on the beach or ready to bare your legs in a floaty summer dress? Swimming is ideal for toning the lower body, burning fat and building lean muscle – great news if your legs and bum are your biggest bugbears.

This week, consider adding water resistance exercises, such as squats or lunges, to your swim session (or, alternatively, join an aqua fitness class.) Prefer to stick with swimming? Focus on your kick this week to really work your bum and legs, and incorporate a kickboard into your swim to make your workout more challenging.

Swimsuit pick: The flattering Speedo Sculpture LunaBeam swimsuit teams a high-waisted style with a darker lower half and patterned top to draw the eyes upwards and away from larger hips and thighs.

Week 3 tip

Losing motivation to get to the pool? Try thinking of swimming as an act of self-care and space to be with your own thoughts, rather than a chore to be completed.

Congratulations… now keep it up!

Well done, you’ve successfully completed the 21 Day Swim Plan! Now spend some time reflecting on how great those regular swims have made you feel. Capture that feel-good factor and plan how you intend to keep swimming as a regular habit. Why not try teaming up with a friend to help keep you accountable? And don’t forget to celebrate your achievements – it makes sticking to habits easier and a lot more enjoyable!

If you enjoyed this plan and feel inspired to take your swim up a notch, check out YouTube and Speedo Swim Coach for a personalised training plan. Find out more at: and