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Get Rid of Cellulite, Dry Skin & Swollen Ankles

From dry skin and cellulite to swollen ankles and ingrown hairs, we’ve got the beauty solutions to banish your body issues. From puffy ankles to ingrown hairs, we’ve got the beauty solutions to banish your body issues.

How to get rid of cellulite

To get trapped fluid and toxins (key cellulite contributors) flowing, try light lymphatic drainage massage or dry body brushing using a natural bristle brush. Brush gently but firmly (a heavy-handed approach can worsen the problem) on dry skin, starting at your feet and sweeping up towards the heart. If your skin goes red, you’re brushing too hard.

Dry, scaly skin
From the age of thirty upwards cell renewal slows, which can lead to dull, scaly skin. Exfoliating with a body scrub twice a week will transform the texture of your skin, shift dead skin cells and boost your circulation, while leaving your skin softer.

Swollen legs and ankles
Hot weather, hormones, pregnancy, a sedentary job and a high-salt diet can all encourage the body to retain water – the chief culprit in causing puffy legs and calves. Tip: Cut down on salty, processed meals and up your water intake. A soak in the tub with bath salts (from your local chemist) can help relieve your symptoms.

Toned legs
The only true way to firm up is to build up muscle mass through resistance exercise, but some body creams help tighten the skin, helping it look firmer. Meanwhile, fake tan has a streamlining effect, visually reducing the appearance of bumps and wobbly bits.

Try this instant firming trick: Finish your shower with a shot of bracing cold water – it will help tighten up the skin while boosting your circulation.

How to stop ingrown hairs
Caused by hairs becoming trapped under the skin, ingrown bumps can look unsightly. Your best form of defence is to exfoliate the area regularly, as dead skin cells can trap the hair follicle under the skin. Next, look for treatments containing salicylic acid, which nibbles away at dead skin cells to leave you free from blockages.

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