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Speedo Says...

Date 24-01-2018

The Greater Your Technique, The Greater Your Swim

Find out why it’s worth investing time in perfecting the way you swim. This article highlights these benefits, plus gives advice on strengthening technique.

The Greater Your Technique, The Greater Your Swim

Why is swimming technique so important? Any time in the pool will give you a positive boost. But by strengthening the way you move, you can experience the ultimate benefits that swimming provides. Fully engaged muscles will accelerate your progress, seeing you swim faster, hit those fitness goals and feel great afterwards. And that’s saying nothing about the joy of the swim itself. A strong technique will make you feel at home in the water as you glide from end to end.

The benefits of strong swimming technique

Not quite convinced? Here’s the low-down on why great technique will transform your swim.

Your fitness will improve

You’ll be able to swim faster, for longer. According to one study*, 68% of people believed they had improved their overall endurance, thanks to swimming. And the real bonus? This will have a positive knock-on effect for any other sports you play, along with everyday life in general. Recover faster and feel energised for anything that comes your way.

You’ll feel more motivated

By tracking each swim you’ll get a clear picture of the progress you’re making. The Speedo On app encourages you to log all of your results, analyse the stats over time and set yourself new challenges. If you really want to smash your goals, then work on perfecting each stroke and movement. The app gives expert tips on technique, including articles and video guidance.

You’ll enjoy your swim even more

Less splash and more stroke… Being able to speed through the water will help swimming bring you real satisfaction. After a long day you’ll be able to go for a relaxing workout, allowing the movements to become automatic so you can quieten your mind for a while.

How can you improve your technique?

Focus on elements of your strokeBreak down each stroke into separate parts and concentrate on them individually. For example, focus on hand entry for a lap, followed by attention to your arm pull and then to your breathing.

Use a pullbuoy

This way you can concentrate on perfecting each arm pull. Our video shows how to correctly place the pullbuoy between the tops of your thighs and keep it in position while using your upper body to swim.

Use finger paddles

Pull these on to improve your strength and hand positioning in the water. Our video will help you wear them and use them correctly.

Invest in a swimming lesson or two

This is a great way for an expert to identify how you can improve your technique further. Most pools will be able to recommend some great swim coaches.

Wear body-positioning swimwear

Luckily, there’s some stunning technology to help you swim better and stronger. Body-positioning products are specially designed to encourage a horizontal swim position, while lightweight compression panels focus attention on your core. Here at Speedo we’ve worked with leading athletes and sports scientists to create swimwear that puts your training needs front and centre