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Date 24-01-2018

How to Motivate Yourself at Every Swim

Spur yourself on to achieve goals and make swimming a permanent fixture in your life. It's all about the 3 Ps: planning, prioritisation and progress. Find out how.

Motivation on the Wane? Here’s How to Propel Yourself to Victory

It’s human to flag in energy sometimes, but swimming brings countless benefits, especially as you get stronger in the water. So what are some ways to motivate yourself to swim harder and faster? Setting goals will inspire you. Maybe you want to build fitness for a triathlon or lose a certain amount of weight. Choose a particular end result and imagine yourself swimming towards it. You’ll need to plan properly too. Use an app, such as Speedo On, to come up with a training plan and record how your times and techniques improve.

Set realistic goals

To get yourself fired up and ready to go, decide what your ultimate aim is. Taking part in a triathlon and want to nail the swimming? Got an upcoming celebration you want to slim down for? If you have an end goal in sight you’ll more likely stick to your programme, no matter what life throws at you.

If you’re enjoying the Speedo On app, take a benchmarking test and use your results to set a goal that’ll push you by the right amount. This doesn’t need to be your timings per lap – it could be swimming a certain distance without stopping, reducing your waist size by a centimetre or two, or beating your best time.

Embrace the three Ps

After that, it’s the three Ps: planning, prioritisation and progress.

Plan your training

Sometimes it’s only by committing to something in advance that you can get yourself organised and speeding out of the door. Plan your week ahead to make sure you know when you’ll be hitting the pool and what you’ll be doing there.

With Speedo On you can choose a training plan to fit your ability level, getting expert tips and recommendations to propel you through the water. And if you want to be sociable, join fitness challenges and feel spurred on as you see others log times for the same workouts.

Whether you’re comparing stats with others or going solo, the aim is to make swimming something you can look forward to week after week. This might mean knowing what you’re eating too. When it comes to supermarket shops, factor in the snacks and foods you’ll need to keep yourself energised and refuelled. Go for the complex carbs – the wholemeal pasta, lentils and green veg – before a swim. Then afterwards mix the carbs with protein, such as sugar-free peanut butter on toast or sweet potato with lean chicken.

Prioritise your swims

Now you have a training plan, it’s time to prioritise these trips to the pool. Book swimming sessions into your calendar and, as you would an important meeting, stick to them. If you do miss a session, try to reschedule. Although you’ll probably need some flexibility, it’s important not to let things slide over time.

Once at the pool take pleasure in knowing you’re getting closer to reaching your goal. Every reach of arm or leg kick is an effort in the right direction, even if you only swim for 15 minutes. You’ll enjoy more immediate benefits as well. Swimming helps to refresh your mind and leave you feeling upbeat, so you’re likely to be more productive for the rest of your day.

See how you progress

Tracking your progress can be a massive boost to your motivation. Record the distance you swim at each session (plus any rest periods you take) either manually or by linking a fitness device to the Speedo On app. Then see how your stats change over the weeks and what you can achieve if you push on.

Speedo On, gives expert advice on how to improve your technique. Short videos, articles, community comments. It’s all there to help you supercharge your swimming and love being in the water.