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Speedo Says...

Date 07-04-2017
The 5 biggest benefits of using a swim fitness tracker

Not tried a swim tracker yet? Here’s why you should ditch the pool wall clock and try some wearable technology instead. You'll wonder how you ever managed to swim without one.

If you’ve never tried a swim tracker, you’re missing out - the clever gadget can record your distance, pace, stroke rate and count rest intervals, allowing you to really get the most from each workout. Here are five reasons a swim watch will help you upgrade your training.

1. No more counting lengths
The brilliance of a swim tracker is that once you’ve put the length of the pool in, it calculates the distance by detecting when you turn. That leaves you free to think about the important things - like your stroke and intensity - instead of wondering how many lengths you’ve done.

2. You can track progression
Every set will be logged for evermore. You can easily upload your swims from your watch to Speedo On, giving you a ready-made training diary. “We might forget what our PBs are or overestimate our recent lap times, but a tracker will tell you definitively that you swam 200m quicker today than last week,” says Dan Bullock, Head Coach for Swim for Tri. “Equally if you get slower, you could use that information to take a step back and work on technique.”

3. Encourage your peers
You can’t expect support from your peers without giving them a pat on the back from time-to-time too, which is why Speedo On encourages you to cheer on your friends and fellow athletes via the app. “We all experience dips in motivation, which is why support from friends is so crucial,” says Dan. “it will not only help keep you motivated, it will help to keep you accountable, too.”

4. Length-by-length analysis
The wall clock can only give your overall time for an interval, but a tracker breaks down your time and pace for each length in an interval. So if you want to test whether high elbows makes any difference to your pace, try it every other length and look at your pace when you download your swim. “Most people start intervals too quickly so it can also be useful to see whether your pace drops off or stays consistent,” says Triathlon Coach and Personal Trainer Abby Boswell.

5. Analyse your swim technique
“If you are looking to improve your technique, you can get valuable insight into your swimming efficiency by studying your stroke rate. “Everyone has an optimum stroke rate for different distances,” explains Richard Blackshaw, Head Coach at Life Leisure swimming pools. “A swim fitness tracker will give your stroke rate (the number of strokes you swim per length) and the distance per stroke (DPS). Generally, a higher stroke rate makes you go faster. But if your stroke rate goes too high, it can reduce the distance you travel per stroke. Data will help you find your optimum stroke rate for maximum efficiency.”

Ready to get more from your swimming? Once you start gathering data and seeing your interval times progress, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to swim without one.

With swim tracking, analysis, personalised recommendations and training plans from some of the world’s best coaches, Speedo On will help you achieve your swim goals. Sign up to be the first to know when it launches.

Disclaimer: Always consult with a professional healthcare provider before starting any diet or exercise programme, if you are pregnant or if you are potentially suffering from a medical condition.