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Butterfly breathing video with Tyler Clary

Watch Olympic gold medallist Tyler Clary perform the perfect breathing technique while swimming butterfly in our video tutorial. Designed to help you improve your butterfly breathing technique, our handy video includes tips and advice on how and when to take a breath, as well as commentary from our elite swim coach.

How frequently you breathe during butterfly depends on your experience and level of fitness. Some swimmers breathe once every stroke cycle; others prefer to breathe every second or third stroke.

Experiment to find the most effective and comfortable breathing method for you.

During the push phase, exhale explosively underneath the water before immediately lifting your head to breathe. Your head should remain close to the surface in a neutral position as you take a breath, with your chin sliding along the water surface and your eyes facing forwards or diagonally downwards.

As your hands pass your shoulders during the recovery phase your head should start to tilt to re-enter the water. This should be a controlled movement concluding as your hands enter the water in line with your shoulders

For every arm stroke, perform two dolphin kicks. The first should be when your head and your hands enter the water, the second during the push phase just before your arm recovery.

As your head and hands enter the water and you execute your first leg kick, lift your hips to ensure good angulation. This is essential for an efficient butterfly stroke.

Note Tylerís efficient body alignment, with his head in line with his spine as his hands enter the water.

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