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Butterfly body positioning with Tyler Clary

Olympic gold medallist Tyler Clary demonstrates how to achieve an efficient butterfly body position in our helpful butterfly technique video. Featuring advice and underwater shots, our easy-to-follow how-to video has been designed by our elite swim coach to help you align your head and body more effectively during butterfly.

During butterfly the body, arm and leg movements work in synchrony to create a smooth efficient stroke.

An effective butterfly technique involves an element of angulation, which is generated as your head presses down, your eyes face the bottom of the pool and your feet kick down in a dolphin style movement.

This movement creates a hip lift which is vital to the efficiency of the stroke. When viewed from the side, the body appears to perform a dolphin style movement.

This movement should be controlled and close to the surface of the water as excessive angulation creates additional resistance slowing down the stroke.

Tyler demonstrates good body alignment with his head in line with his spine as his hands enter the water.

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