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Breaststroke kick technique with Jessica Hardy

Devised to help you master your breaststroke kick technique, our how-to swimming video includes a performance from Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Hardy. Featuring tips on foot placement and ankle positioning, plus commentary from our elite coach, our video tutorial has been devised to help you maximise your kick power and speed.

Improve your Breaststroke Kick In breaststroke, a significant percentage of your propulsion should come from your leg kick.

The better your kick technique, the more propulsion you will achieve, and the faster you will be able to swim as a result.

Start with the Recovery Phase The kick cycle starts with the recovery phase. This is initiated as your feet and legs separate, your knees bend, and the soles of your feet draw up towards the surface of the water, with your toes pointing backwards.

At the end of this phase, your knee and ankle will be at approximately a 90-degree angle, and your feet should be directly over your knee.

Try not to push your knees outside the natural width of your body, as this creates more resistance, making it harder to achieve a good foot catch.

Perfecting The Foot Catch Initiate the foot catch by turning your feet outwards and pointing your soles towards the sides of the pool, with your ankles and soles of your feet ready to push the water backwards.

The Propulsive Phase Move into the propulsive phase by pushing your feet backwards as your legs fully extend. Rotate your feet round in a circular motion at the end of the kick. Aim for the soles of your feet to face and touch each other as you complete the kick phase.

Try to keep the pressure of the water on your feet. The direction of force should be backwards rather than outwards, keeping your kick narrow.

The last 12 to 18 inches of your kick are vital, as this is where the most propulsion is gained. Try and spin your feet round to ensure they meet at the end of the movement.

Notice how Jessica has an extremely powerful backwards drive with her legs.