Sustainable Swimwear

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Discover our range of eco-friendly swimsuits and find the style that best suits you.

We’re working to make all of our swimwear, sustainable swimwear.

Last year around 20% of our range used part recycled polyester that was made from plastic bottles. Next year we’ll be using a fabric made from 50% recycled polyester across 70% of our range.

By 2024 we’ll be using fabric made from 100% recycled polyester in the majority of our sustainable swimsuit range. This fabric also upholds our chlorine resistant claims meaning it lasts far longer than the average swimsuit, holding its shape and colour, while also protecting against UV rays, just as our Endurance + fabric has done for years. The added bonus being it will now be eco-friendly. When only Speedo will do, soon only products that protect our beautiful planet will do too. Read more here about our commitment to sustainability.

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