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#Make1KWet Challenge

Ready to take to the pool for a change?

#Make1KWet Challenge

Ready to take to the pool for a change?

See the challenge in action

Watch Charlie Watson, Elle Linton and Rick Pearson take on the #Make1KWet Challenge. With 5K run times between 16 and 30 minutes can they swim 1K in the same time they run 5K?

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Ready for the #Make1KWet Challenge?

You're used to training for a 5K run or completing a 10k cycle, but is that really enough to push your fitness? What if you were to swap your 5K on the road or 10k on your bike for 1K in the water? Take part in the #Make1KWet Challenge by swimming for a kilometre, and test your results against your running routine!

Annie Emmerson National triathlon champion

If you’re looking to take your fitness to a new level, try and swim 1k in the same time you run 5k or cycle 10k. Discover the benefits for yourself with help from national triathlon champion Annie Emmerson

Get in gear with your Challenge Starter Kit

If you're serious about taking on the #Make1KWet Challenge, then you'll want to be prepared with the right swimwear and accessories. We've got a great selection suitable for your swim training challenge; all you need to do is choose which you like the best!


Can swimming really improve your cycling performance?

Richie Porte ‐ Top International Cyclist

Born in January 1985, Richie hails from Launceston on the island of Tasmania, and as such, it was probably always going to be the case that swimming would play a major part in his growing up, development and lifestyle.

From 3 sports to 2 wheels

“I was a swimmer originally, and from there I went into triathlon. That’s where it all started.” At the age of twenty-one, Richie decided to focus on cycling professionally.

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How it worked for me

Follow the journeys of several fitness fans as they embrace swimming to become better runners, as well as better swimmers and athletes overall! Discover their stories behind the swim.