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Riche Porte

Richie Porte

Swim Fit. Cycle Fit.

Recovering from his horrendous crash on stage nine of this year’s Tour de France, Richie Porte, is now back home in Monaco nursing a fractured pelvis and collarbone.

Now begins Richie’s road to recovery and the long journey back to full fitness. More immediately, Richie is battling boredom restricted to a wheelchair and the sofa for three weeks as he nurses his injuries.

Richie Porte, back at home. His recovery is well underway.

“Not going to lie, this past week I’ve eaten more Toblerone than ever before but I think I’ve met my match!”

Just before the Tour de France we caught up with Richie and had a bit of fun!

If Richie Porte was a mountain stage or super hero, which one would he be?

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Richie chats to 3 x British Triathlon Champion Annie Emmerson

Riche Porte talks exclusively to Speedo about his ambitions, his achievements and his swim training in preparation for this year’s Tour de France.

Richie Porte talks to fans about his final 2017 Tour De France preparations.

With just two days to go before his biggest challenge yet, Richie shares his final preparations.

Richie goes from strength to strength

“If you’re willing to put in the hard yards in the swimming pool, there’s massive benefits to be gained”.

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