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Speedo Says...

8 reasons to hit the pool and go swimming

Need a reason to hit the pool? We’ve got eight of them right here.

It’s the full body workout that torches calories while virtually eliminating joint impact. When it comes to the benefits of swimming, there’s a lot to love. Discover why hitting the pool’s not only great for your health, but your general wellbeing too, with these eight fitness facts.

Race you to the deep end!

1 Short on time? Head to the pool

30 minutes of steady swimming can burn between 200 - 350 calories, plus it only takes half an hour of swimming, just once a week, to significantly improve your energy levels. Better yet, 30 minutes of exercise in the water is the equivalent of approximately an hour’s land-based exercise. Result!

2 Swimming torches calories

Swimming burns approximately 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight – meaning that a woman weighing 150 pounds can burn approximately 450 calories for every mile swum.

3 It’s a genuine full-body workout

The perfect exercise for toning up, swimming doesn’t work just one muscle group, but all of them, in one go, strengthening your arms, legs and core.

4 It’s good for your heart

A great form of low-impact cardio exercise, swimming is perfect for pregnant women, the elderly and those recovering from injuries. As an added bonus, all that blood pumping around your body makes it a great way to improve your circulation too.

5 Swimming is gentle on your joints

Because the water supports you (that unique, almost weightless feeling), swimming reduces impact on joints by 90% compared to land-based exercise.

6 A trip to the pool helps you stress less

Feeling uptight? Head to the pool - 74% of people in a Speedo survey agreed that swimming helps release stress and tension.

7 It’s refreshing – mentally as well as physically

Over two-thirds of those surveyed felt that swimming had a positive mental impact, with 70% agreeing that it helped them to feel mentally refreshed.

8 It’s the ultimate feel-good exercise

When it comes to feeling good, a dip in the pool is hard to beat – 68% of those surveyed said that being in the water helped them to feel good about themselves.

*All stats taken from Speedo’s GSF campaign 2013.