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Speedo Says...

How to stick to a swimming training programme

Motivation on the wane? Hang in there! Here are our tips on how to stick to your swimming programme – and reach your goals as a result.

So, you were all pumped for week one of your shiny new swim training programme, but now – yawn – you’ve lost your ‘Let’s do this!’ enthusiasm and suddenly can’t find time for the pool. The good news is, you can still turn it around and stay motivated during your swimming workouts. Proper planning is the key to success, and the same goes for creating a realistic swimming programme that fits in with your lifestyle. Here’s how to ensure you stick to yours…

Set realistic goals

To get you started, and serve as your inspiration, decide what your overall goal is; maybe it’s training as part of a triathlon, or perhaps it’s to increase your overall body health, lose weight, or increase your endurance levels. Setting goals, and wanting to achieve them, will provide the motivation you need to stick to your programme.

After that, it’s the three Ps: planning, prioritisation and progress.

Planning Planning your week is the first step towards sticking to your swim programme. Working out the best time for you to hit the pool is half the battle, so set realistic and manageable time slots that suit your lifestyle and schedule.


Now you have a plan in place, it’s time to prioritise in order to achieve your goals. Book the time you’ve allocated to your swim into your calendar and stick to it – as you would an important meeting. If you do have to miss a session due to an emergency, don’t panic, you can always reschedule. Try not to stress – your time in the pool should be enjoyable!


Tracking your progress is essential if you want to know that you’re getting closer to achieving your swimming goals. Make a note of the distance you swim in each session, plus any rest periods you take, in order to chart how you’re improving. This will also help you push yourself to set small targets each week. Our SpeedoFit app helps you complete virtual swim challenges, log your goals and track your progress, so you stay motivated.

When you’re actually in the pool, a Speedo Aquacoach Watch can help you to keep track of your distance by recording how many lengths you do in each session.

Go on, hit the pool and surprise yourself. And don’t forget to let us know how you’re getting on via Facebook or Twitter.