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Speedo Says...

The Kit - Richie Porte

The Aquapulse Max and Aquapure goggles feature IQFit technology, which gives a leak free fit and superior comfort. These goggles are also ideal for triathlons or open water swimming.

FIN Using fins allows you to move faster, builds strength in the legs and can help improve hip rotation and stability, all of which will be very handy in the yoga studio!

PULLBOY Using a pullbuoy will increase buoyancy in the legs, to stimulate good balance. It can also be used in tandem with other training aids like the kickboard, to help work on your core muscles.

FINGER PADDLES Having flexible shoulders is a really important part of mastering the art of yoga. Finger paddles may increase water resistance which can benefit and strengthen the shoulder movement. Ideal for all those long stretches that Hope loves!

KICKBOARD Need help with your hip rotation and improving your core and leg strength? The kickboard is just the ticket. This versatile training aid can be used in a number of exercises to work on multiple parts of your body.

GOGGLES The Aquapure Female has patented IQFit technology for a leak free, secure fit that will leave reduced marks around your eyes. The goggles also feature Interchangeable nosebridges and an easy adjustment strap, for good fit and comfort, swim after swim.

SUITS The Speedo Fit Pinnacle X Back swimwear is developed specifically with body positioning in mind. It features a 360 degree bra to support your bust, and power mesh panels to support your core which streamlines positioning to achieve optimum posture in the water, making it ideal for use in my cross training program.

SWIM COACH With over 200 swim based workouts and plans, Swim Coach is the perfect tool to help you get the most out of your swims, try it today!