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Speedo Says...

Speedo guide to finger paddles

Want to learn more about using finger paddles? Read our guide for the lowdown on their features and benefits, including technique tips and coaching advice.

Finger paddles

Ideal for resistance training and improving your stroke technique, catch position and hand placement

What: Designed to increase water resistance during your swim, finger paddles are hand-held paddles that cover just your fingers.

Overview: Unlike power paddles, finger paddles allow your palm to remain exposed, providing a greater awareness of the feel of the water through each stroke – ideal for improving your arm positioning and technique. Their added resistance also ups the intensity of your workout and helps build upper body strength without placing stress on the shoulders.

Tip: the paddle should cover just your fingers, not your palm.


Improved stroke technique

Finger paddles allow you to develop a feel for the water and break your stroke down into smaller areas to refine, such improving your catch position, arm pull and hand placement. The added resistance reinforces awareness of your arm positioning in the water, encouraging you to achieve and maintain the correct technique through each stroke. Tip: try using fins alongside your finger paddles; they can help provide the momentum you need to focus on your technique.

Strength training

Greater water resistance provides a more challenging workout, particularly for the upper body. Wearing finger paddles during training can help work your body harder while strengthening the back, shoulders and upper body.

How: Slide your middle finger through the strap in the middle of the paddle. Keep your palm open as you move through the water.

Strokes to try them with: All swimming strokes.

Elite coach tip: Breaststroke swimmers can use finger paddles to work on their ‘in-and-out’ sweep and for basic sculling drills.

We recommend: Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddle.