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How to feel more powerful in the water

Want to feel more powerful in the water? From technique tweaks to training aids, here’s how to improve your swim power.

ADD TRAINING AIDS TO YOUR WORKOUT Adding training aids, such as power paddles, to your swimming workout can help you focus on areas of your technique that will enable you to improve your swim power. Power paddles can help you fine-tune your arm pull, making you feel more powerful through the water. Meanwhile, fins allow you to move faster through the water, improving your kick and propulsive power. They also provide your legs with a harder workout because of the added water resistance they create.

Rev up your swim power with our top training tweaks and feel unstoppable in the water

TACKLE YOUR SWIMMING TECHNIQUE The more efficient your stroke and kicking become, the longer and faster you’ll be able to swim. You’ll also enjoy the added bonus of improving your overall swim times and endurance levels at the same time.

Swimming front crawl? Add power to each arm pull by tilting or rolling on to your side as you swim. As you do this, ensure you always stretch your arm forward; this will give you the power you need to swim fast as you drag your arm through the water.

Not sure where to focus your energies? To help you improve your technique, try swimming with a friend or organise swimming lessons with an accredited instructor. They can watch you swim, give you guidance and help you determine which areas you need to improve upon.

TWEAK YOUR GYM-BASED WORKOUT Performing key exercises out of the water can be a great way to build up your strength, and ultimately make you feel more powerful in the water. Breaststroke swimmers and flyers can improve strength by incorporating leg exercises into their non-pool based workout. Try jumps, squats and exercises using weights.

Freestyle and backstroke swimmers should concentrate on their core and back muscles. Core building exercises, such as performing the ‘plank’, can help. To do the plank, get down on your elbows and toes and try to keep your body as straight as possible, holding for a few minutes at a time.

MENTALLY PREPARE Even the greatest of competitive swimmers have suffered at the hands of nervousness and fear of failure. Whether you’re getting ready for a swim meet or have your own personal targets in mind, mental preparation can be a vital part of feeling more powerful, positive and motivated.

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