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How a strong core will help your glide by Fred Vergnoux

Core is one part of what I call my ‘fitness set’ – the key elements you need to master to improve your swimming and to be able to swim faster.

This is especially true in terms of maintaining a streamlined position when you dive into the water and when you glide. The technique on the glide aspect is very, very important – it’s one of the key elements of swimming. Your muscles face a lot of resistance and you need to maintain a good technique and efficient body position, which is why I do a lot of abdominal work with my athletes.

We do a lot of lumbar work and we really relate it to the area around the abdominals, glutes, lower back and hips – all of which are really important for swimming. When you dive and glide you need to hold yourself strongly in the water and a strong core can help you achieve this.

Improve your core strength and positioning during your glide

Try this drill to help improve your core strength and body positioning – it can be performed from pushing off the pool edge, or from the dive position.

Push off from the pool edge and glide, in a streamlined position. Try to maintain a fixed horizontal position without moving your arms or kicking, for as long as possible. This helps engage your core and improve awareness of your body position. Practice, practice, practice and record your distance each time, measuring your improvement.