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Speedo Says...

Butterfly kick technique with Tyler Clary

Watch Olympic gold medallist Tyler Clary in action as he performs the perfect butterfly kick in our easy-to-follow video tutorial. Devised by our leading swim coach, it includes advice and tips to help you achieve a powerful butterfly kick.

A strong and powerful dolphin style kick will provide propulsion and aid angulation, creating a more efficient stroke

With your legs together initiate your kick as your heels lift towards the surface of the water.

Initially with a straight leg and pointed toes the heels and soles of your feet will break the surface of the water but ensure this is controlled to avoid excessive resistance.

Starting with your knees bent up to ninety degrees, rapidly extend and straighten your leg, flexing your ankle and flicking the water backwards in a forceful propulsive movement. A loose ankle helps create a more efficient kick.

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