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Breaststroke body positioning with Jessica Hardy

Breaststroke body positioning with Jessica Hardy

Learn how to achieve the most effective breaststroke body position with help from our informative how-to video. Devised by our elite swim coach to improve your body alignment, it includes a demonstration from Speedo athlete and gold medallist, Jessica Hardy.

Improve your Breaststroke Body Positioning

The correct breaststroke body position is as close to a straight line as possible, with your arms, head, back and legs all in alignment. This makes the body more streamlined to the water, therefore creating less resistance.

There are two key parts to breaststroke body positioning: the underwater body position, and the body position when taking a breath. While underwater, your head should be in a neutral position in line with your spine. In most cases, your eyes should look diagonally forwards, or straight down.

In the glide phase, ensure you maintain a straight line from your fingertips all the way through to your pointed toes. Keep your back as flat as possible in order to achieve an efficient, streamlined shape in the water.

To reduce the natural bend in your lower back, engage your core muscles and visualise pulling your belly-button in towards your spine.

When taking a breath, your shoulders naturally lift out of the water. Try to minimise the resistance caused by keeping your chest low.

Avoid lifting your head high and looking in the distance. Instead, keep your eyes focused on the water immediately in front of you.

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